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Wedding Pet Chaperone, Pet Minding and Animal Communication.
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Little Red Animal Care is a small animal business located in Cameron Park, Newcastle, Australia.

Established in 2016 and run exclusively by Nadine Kellett, Little Red Animal Care offers a variety of animal services to make your life easier. 

Nadine has had a passion for animals her whole life and has never not had a precious furbaby to love and care for. In the past Nadine has found it hard to find good reliable pet minders that she trusted for her own pets when she needed a holiday or help,  so she wanted to be that trusted reliable pet minder for her clients.

Image courtesy of Max Mason-Hubers

Image courtesy of Max Mason-Hubers

Nadine added the Wedding Pet Chaperone service to her services in late 2017 because she understands how important pets are to their families and she wanted her clients to have the opportunity to be able to have their precious furbabies at their most special day without the worry and responsibility. Nadine understands that your wedding day is busy and if you really wanted your furbaby their you wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself because you would be worrying about them all day. Nadine takes care of absolutely everything for you so you can concentrate on your special day, let Nadine do the worrying for you so you can just enjoy your most special day but have your best friend right by your side.

Nadine also offers Boutique Small Doggy sleepovers for those small dogs that are attending weddings and are coming into the area and need somewhere to stay for the weekend. This service is perfect for your small inside dog where a kennel just wouldn’t be suitable.

Words can’t express how wonderful our wedding experience with Little Red Animal Care was. Nadine has a real way with pets and was incredibly thorough, every little detail was thought of to make sure our wedding day was what we’d envisioned. She went so far above and beyond our expectations, even bringing Mr Little Red on board! We’d trust them again with our pets in a heartbeat, and would recommend them to anyone.
— Emma Doyle

Previously to opening Little Red Animal Care Nadine has worked at numerous places involving the care and responsibility of animals. Nadine has always held herself high in regards to being honest, reliable and trustworthy. Nadine's number one importance is YOUR pet and she will go above and beyond to make sure all their needs are met and that they are happy and loved and well cared for whilst you are not able to be there. 

Little Red Animal Care is Fully Insured.

Image courtesy of @avamephotography

Image courtesy of @avamephotography


Our Services


Wedding Pet Chaperone

Little Red Animal Care knows how important your precious furbaby is, they also know how much you would like to have them right by your side on your wedding day.  Little Red Animal Care understands that you may also feel like having your furbaby at your wedding can be a massive undertaking with everything that is already happening.

Well let us take all that stress and worry away from you.

Nadine the Wedding Pet Chaperone is there to take the responsibility off you so you can have your precious furbaby right by your side on your wedding day. Little Red Animal Care services all of Newcastle including Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Central Coast and the Mid-North Coast. Nadine does a complimentary Meet and Greet where you get to meet her and she gets to meet you and your furbaby, she does a thorough run through of all your particulars in regards to your wedding, whether that be wedding ceremony and photos or just photos. She talks a lot with you about your pet and has wonderful ideas in regards to their personalities and wedding roles. This service includes transport too and from the wedding so Nadine really takes care of absolutely everything for you.

Talk to Nadine today about having your pet chaperoned at your wedding.

Pet Chaperone services are also available for engagement photo shoot, family photo shoot, Newborn photo shoot and Santa photos.


house visits

A busy lifestyle, having to go away for work, family emergencies...we never know whats going to crop up from day to day.  Long work hours often mean missing feeding times for our pets or simply not having time to walk your dog. Little Red Animal Care offers house visits for all your dogs, caged animals and cats in order to make sure your pet is fed on time, walked and generally kept happy and loved whilst you take care of business. 

This service is to provided so you can keep your pets at home in their own environment, this is truly where they are happiest.

Image courtesy of @beaumack

Image courtesy of @beaumack

Amazing services and was great with our dogs - bringing them to the hunter valley for our secret wedding, keeping them calm during the ceremony and taking them home again and feeding them dinner before leaving for the day. Thank you so much Nadine! Our day wouldn’t have been complete without Marli there!
— Catherine Waring
I worked with Nadine at a wedding. I was the celebrant and she was there looking after the dogs of the couple who were marrying. She did such a good job of keeping them calm and under control, so they didn’t disturb the ceremony, but they were still not so far away that the couple could not see them. It was awesome having the dogs around for the photos afterwards. Nadine provides a fabulous service and is a lovely person. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any couples that I marry who have pets.
— Julie Muir
Gorgeous Teddy on Boutique Small Doggy sleepover visit!!!

Gorgeous Teddy on Boutique Small Doggy sleepover visit!!!

When it was time to return to work after two weeks working from home and looking after our 10 week old puppy, I was nervous that leaving him alone for 8 hours a day was too long. He’s a large breed, and I wanted to make sure he was fed lunch until he was 6 months of age. I called Nadine at the last minute, hoping she’d be free to feed him lunch.
Nadine goes above and beyond for our little pup when she sees him a few times a week. She’s super trustworthy, very gentle, kind and loving, and really talented with training.
Nadine has been spending one hour with our young pup on the days my partner and I are at work. She comes to feed him lunch, plays with him, gives him the cuddles he needs, and even cleans up after herself and the dog! At the end of each week, she sends us updates on how his training is going. She’s managed to train him out of trying to eat the broom – instead of going mental at the bristles, he now sits patiently until I’ve finished sweeping.
We’re getting married early next year, and I have no doubts we’ll be asking Nadine to chaperone Ted to our wedding ❤️
We feel so lucky to have found Nadine, and I’m pretty sure Ted thinks so too
— Milly McGrath
Nadine takes such good care of Max. He is always happy to see us home but never frets while we’re away. Thank You Nadine
— Kris Carey
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Little red animal care Won Highly commended and top 5 for wedding services in the 2019 brides choice awards

Thank you to all of my clients whom took the time to nominate Little Red Animal Care in the Brides Choice Awards. I am so happy that you love what I do. Thank you, Nadine

image courtesy of @underatreehouse

image courtesy of @underatreehouse

Image courtesy of @elopeorwedwithatwist

Image courtesy of @elopeorwedwithatwist

Image courtesy of @woodlandscreative

Image courtesy of @woodlandscreative




wedding pet chaperone Service

One Small pet $60 per hour

One Medium pet $65 per hour

One Large pet $70 per hour

Two pets are welcomed and will be priced accordingly at a discounted rate

house visits

Small pocket pet $21 per hour

Cat $26 per hour

Small/Medium dog $32 per hour

Large dog $36 per hour

Large families are very welcomed and each additional pet is charged accordingly, starting from $6.50

Discounted rates for consecutive visits in one day



Boutique small doggy sleepovers with Wedding Pet Chaperone Package

 Package tailored to your needs


Package tailored to your needs



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Satisfied Customers

Nadine looked after my puppy Vasco on my Wedding Day. She picked him up, drove him to our wedding photos and it was so lovely to be able to have Vasco with us on our Wedding Day. She took very good care of him, walked him both days, he got to play with her 2 dogs, Rose and Elvis. He stayed overnight and she kept me updated and sent me photos and videos of Vasco. I would recommend Nadine to anyone who wants a pet sitter that will love your pets like they were her own pets. She clearly loves all the animals she works with
— Lydia Hebblewhite

Wow what an amazing service! Nadine looked after our bulldog Bruno for our wedding- he was so spoilt and loved in her home with so many photo updates. She brought him out on the day and was fabulous- I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Having him there made our wedding complete and she made sure he was happy and perfectly positioned in the photos. She then took him home after a big day. Seriously, if you want your pet to be there on your wedding day you have found your lady 😍😍😍 she is also really affordable for the amazing service. Here’s one of the photos she helped us capture.

animal Friends


Often, Nadine gets the opportunity to meet and interact with animals that are not clients.  Here are some of the awesome fur friends she has made in her daily travels.



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